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Street Gliders - Heelie Wheelies - Wheelie Heelies

You may have seen kids gliding around shopping centres or around your town, or you may have seen Street Gliders on TV. If you want to turn ordinary shoes or trainers into trainer skates then you need Street Gliders.

Street Gliders or Heelie Wheelies are a pair of easy-to-use 2-wheeled skates. Great for dancing or gliding! These have also been on on Channel Five on The Gadget Show.

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Street Gliders have evolved! New Street Gliders Evolutions come in bold colours and have a tougher design for even more action. Street Gliders Evolution skates attach to trainers and can be easily adjusted as children's feet grow, while the bright blue lights in the wheels are sure to attract attention.

If you are looking for the trainers with wheels inside then you want Heelys

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With Street Gliders you can turn you trainers into skates for as little as £9.99.

Street Gliders look great in the dark as the Street Gliders Wheels light up!

Street Gliders are brilliant because:

  • No batteries needed.
  • One Size Fits All.
  • Easy to Use
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Attach to feet in seconds and walk or skate, wherever, whenever.
  • Street Gliders are Authentic, amazing and they're Electric.
  • Free Street Gliders Case/Bag with every purchase
  • Street Gliders are manufactured by Hy-Pro
  • The Original wheels on heels

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What size should I get?

You don't have to worry as Street Gliders will fit any size shoe.

Street Gliders being Worn

Who should use Street Gliders?

Street Gliders are suitable for all ages from 6 Years upwards.
The Maximum weight recommended is 55kgs

Please use Suitable Safety Equipment when using Street Gliders, such as Knee and Elbow Guards and may be a Helmet and you may even need to pad your behind until you get used to Steet Gliders.

How do I order Street Gliders?

Buy Street Gliders here - Whilst Stocks Last.

If you are looking for the trainers with wheels inside then you want Heelys

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